Deli Nature Fund

Collaboration Deli Nature & ACTP (Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots)

From nature – for nature!

This week (09/11 – 09/15) we celebrated the cooperation of ACTP and Deli Nature! On Thursday 09-12-2019 Deli Nature organized a workshop at ACTPs breeding facility and invited customers and distributors of our bird food to be part of this amazing event. Presentations about bird nutrition and husbandry were held and all participants were able to see ACTPs breeding facility, including a tour behind the scenes. The main focus was of course the diet of the parrots, but also ACTPs conservation work.

Thanks to the support of Deli Nature Fund have we become a reliable and strong partner. We support ACTP not only with our outstanding high quality parrot food, but also with help in ACTPs conservation projects, namely the Spix‘s macaw and the Caribbean Amazons. To make the visit in Berlin unforgettable for all guests, we’ve invited them, to take part in ACTPs annual summer party. On Friday afternoon supporters, friends and guests, celebrated the end of another successful breeding season at ACTPs facility. We hope that everybody has had as much fun as we did and we are looking forward to continue this amazing partnership.