Deli Nature Fund

Deli Nature is a leading player in food for ornamental birds, rodents and park and farm animals. Thanks to its high quality and unique product range Deli Nature has established its name and reputation worldwide.

Our mission statement is “delicatesses from nature”. We obtain our high-quality raw materials from natural sources worldwide. So we feel it is our duty to give something back to nature too.

In 2019 the Deli Nature Fund was established, with the objective of supporting projects worldwide and so making a modest contribution to the conservation of flora and fauna on our planet. So that we will still be able to enjoy them in the future too.

The first project we supported was the project to rescue thousands of flamingo chicks from Kamfers Dam in South Africa. The persistent drought had led parent birds to abandon their nests and young, with potentially disastrous consequences. With help from various quarters, including the Deli Nature Fund, local groups succeeded in rescuing the majority of the stranded flamingo chicks. This was a great success.

In 2019 Deli Nature signed a cooperation agreement with ACTP (Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots) in Berlin. In collaboration with ACTP and Pairi Daiza a project has been set up for the reintroduction of the Spix’s macaw (Ara spixii) in its natural habitat, the Caatinga in Brazil. Support is also offered to the conservation of the various kinds of Caribbean amazons such as the St. Vincent amazon, the St. Lucia amazon and the imperial or Dominican amazon.

In the future we aim to expand the Deli Nature Fund further and commit to supporting different kinds of projects wherever they may be in the world, not just for threatened species of parrot. We see this as being much wider. Suggestions are always welcome and are carefully considered.

Reintroduction Spix's Macaw

Only 90 days left until THE DREAM becomes reality!

20 years after becoming extinct in the wild, the Spix’s Macaw will be brought back to Brazils Caatinga. After many years of intensive work the flag ship project of ACTP has entered the final straight – “spixAreComingHome”!

On February 17th, 2020 the first 50 parrots will start their journey from ACTP in Germany to Brazil, their natural habitat. First they will be held at ACTPs release facility near Petrolina, before the first group will be reintroduced into the wild.

This historical event is only possible, due to ACTPs close cooperation with Deli Nature, ICMBio in Brazil, the Pairi Daiza Foundation from Belgium, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation from Qatar and many other partners.

Follow the countdown at ACTPs Facebook page and join the little blue macaw as they recapture their natural habitat after 20 years time…


Collaboration Deli Nature & ACTP (Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots)

From nature – for nature!

This week (09/11 – 09/15) we celebrated the cooperation of ACTP and Deli Nature! On Thursday 09-12-2019 Deli Nature organized a workshop at ACTPs breeding facility and invited customers and distributors of our bird food to be part of this amazing event. Presentations about bird nutrition and husbandry were held and all participants were able to see ACTPs breeding facility, including a tour behind the scenes. The main focus was of course the diet of the parrots, but also ACTPs conservation work.

Thanks to the support of Deli Nature Fund have we become a reliable and strong partner. We support ACTP not only with our outstanding high quality parrot food, but also with help in ACTPs conservation projects, namely the Spix‘s macaw and the Caribbean Amazons. To make the visit in Berlin unforgettable for all guests, we’ve invited them, to take part in ACTPs annual summer party. On Friday afternoon supporters, friends and guests, celebrated the end of another successful breeding season at ACTPs facility. We hope that everybody has had as much fun as we did and we are looking forward to continue this amazing partnership.

Rescue flamingos at Kampfers Dam, South Africa