Reintroduction Spix’s Macaw

Only 90 days left until THE DREAM becomes reality!


20 years after becoming extinct in the wild, the Spix’s Macaw will be brought back to Brazils Caatinga. After many years of intensive work the flag ship project of ACTP has entered the final straight – “spixAreComingHome”!


On February 17th, 2020 the first 50 parrots will start their journey from ACTP in Germany to Brazil, their natural habitat. First they will be held at ACTPs release facility near Petrolina, before the first group will be reintroduced into the wild.


This historical event is only possible, due to ACTPs close cooperation with Deli Nature, ICMBio in Brazil, the Pairi Daiza Foundation from Belgium, Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation from Qatar and many other partners.


Follow the countdown at ACTPs Facebook page and join the little blue macaw as they recapture their natural habitat after 20 years time…