Twenty years after the last Spix’s macaw (Ara spixii) was seen in the wild, this unique species is returning to its home in Brazil. ACTP (the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots) has finally succeeded, after a long process, in breeding and rearing the Spix’s macaw. Thanks to their professional approach there are now 180 Spix’s macaws in the world. On 3 March 2020, after a long stay in ACTP’s facilities in Berlin, 52 of these 180 macaws moved to the Caatinga in Brazil in order to adapt once again to their ‘new’, albeit natural habitat. They will learn such things as how to look for food and what dangers they may come up against. This takes place in large enclosures placed in situ so that everything can be closely monitored.


As a proud sponsor, Deli Nature, in collaboration with ACTP, has developed four mixtures to keep the Spix’s macaws in top condition:

  • Parrot Breeding
  • Caatinga
  • Germination Seed Parrots
  • Parrot Cooking Mix

These mixtures are designed to ensure that the macaws are in the very best condition when they are finally released into nature.


This project could never have been carried out without sponsoring. Deli Nature therefore thanks all sponsors, among them the Pairi Daiza zoo and botanical gardens in Belgium and ICMBio (the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation, of the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment), for supporting this magnificent project. #SpixsAreComingHome