Deli Nature -

Beech Woodchips Premium Medium 8mm

Product information

Deli Nature FSC-certified beech woodchips are dust free and make an ideal bedding for rodent cages, birdcages, indoor aviaries, chicken coops, pigeon lofts and terrariums. The dried, 100% natural beech woodchips absorb moisture and prevent mould formation. Available in 5kg and 12,5kg.

Instructions for use

  • Cover the floor of the animal house with a 5cm layer of Deli Nature Beech Woodchips.
  • For optimum hygiene, replace the entire contents once a week.
  • The used beech woodchips can be disposed of in a way that is environmentally friendly with your Vegetable, Fruit and Garden waste, or on the compost heap.
  • Storage Advice: Keep dry.


Beech woodchips