Deli Nature - Hamster, Kleine knager, Rat

Happy Mix Small Rodents

Product information

  • Is a basic mixture enriched with an extruded pellet, rich in high quality and easily digestible animal proteins.
  • It is also enriched with peeled peanuts, striped and white sunflower seeds.
  • Contains processed cereals (corn flakes, puffed corn and puffed wheat) which results in improved digestibility.
  • Available in bag 15kg.


Grains, vegetable by-products, seeds 7% (of which 70% striped sunflower seeds and 30 % white sunflower seeds), vegetables 5% (of which 100% green peas), fruits 5,0% (of which 100% carob), nuts 2,5% (of which 100% peanuts), minerals, oils and fats, meat and animal by-products