Deli Nature - Konijn

Premium (Dwarf) Rabbits

Product information

  • Is a luxurious and varied mixture with a multitude of vegetables and fruit.
  • Vegetables stimulate the gnawing process, which is important for the natural wearing down of rabbits’ teeth, and also contain essential vitamins.
  • The various types of fruit are a delicious snack for the rabbits full of vitamins.
  • Available in 800gr and 3kg.


Grains, vegetable by-products 37% (of which 52% alfalfa and 5,5% alfalfa straw), vegetables 9,3% (of which 55% pea flakes, 20% lupins, 16% carrots, 5% leek flakes and 4% peas), fruits 7,5% (of which 90% carob, 6% banana and 4% apple), seeds, minerals, oils and fats

Nutritional advice

  • A (dwarf) rabbit will eat an average of 30 grams of food per kg of body weight.
  • Always make sure your (dwarf) rabbits have access to fresh drinking water and hay.