Deli Nature - Hamster, Kleine knager, Rat

Premium Small Rodents

Product information

  • Is an ideal mixture for small rodents (hamsters, mice, gerbils).
  • Several small rodents, like the hamster, are natural omnivores and therefore also need animal proteins in addition to vegetable based ingredients.
  • Enriched with an extruded pellet, rich in high quality and easily digestible animal proteins.
  • Available in bag 15kg.


Grains, vegetable by-products, seeds, fruits8% (of which 75% carob, 12% raisins, 6,5% banana, 6.5% apple), vegetables 7,5% (of which 50% pea flakes, 35% carrots, 15% green peas), nuts 3,0%, minerals, oils and fats, meat and animal by-products

Nutritional advice

  • A rat will eat an average of 16 grams of food per 250 grams of body weight, a hamster or mouse will eat an average of 10 grams of food per 100 grams of body weight.
  • Always make sure your animal has access to plenty of fresh drinking water.