Deli Nature - Konijn

Rodelicious (Dwarf) Rabbit Sensitive

Product information

  • Rich in fibre.
  • All-in-one extruded pellet.
  • No selective feeding.
  • High palatability and perfect absorption.
  • Rich in long fi bre for optimal digestion.
  • Supports dental health and avoids teeth problems.
  • No complete grains : this guarantees a good balance between fi bre (high) and starch (low) to stimulate the intestines working.
  • Available in 750gr and 2kg.


Timothy hay (21%), sunflower seed feed, maize, pea fibre, wheat straw, corn starch, barley, oat hulls, carrot, linseed (1%), cranberries, dried chicory root, dicalcium phosphate, sunflower seed oil, sodium chloride, oregano, herbs, yucca