Deli Nature - Kip

ChiX Grit Mix

Product information

  • Mineral feed for chickens and ornamental fowl
  • High-quality grit mixture for chickens, pheasants and other ornamental fowl
  • Composed of seashells, oyster grit, stomach gravel and red stone
  • Coarse structure ensures optimum absorption
  • Supports the action of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Helps digestion of grains/seeds = absorption of all necessary nutrients
  • Good source of calcium:
    • good skeleton formation
    • strong and even egg shells.
  • Instruction for use: make freely available every day.
  • Available in 3kg


Seashells, oyster shells, insoluble (stomach) grit, redstone, aniseed scent

Analytical constituents

23% Calcium, 0,2% Sodium, 0,07% Phosphorus, 39% Insoluble in HCL