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ChiX Start Meal

Product information

This is a finely structured meal. Due to the tasty composition and its fine structure, chicks that have just emerged from the shell can digest the meal easily. The meal is a perfectly balanced mixture of the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It contains sufficient energy, protein and trace elements to satisfy all of your chicks’ needs. In short, it has everything to enable your chicks to grow into a fully-fledged Bantam, large breed or broiler.

Chicks that will be kept later as laying hens (both bantam hens and large fowl) can be fed with ChiX Start Meal for a longer period of time than hens kept as broilers.

Bantam hens and large fowl that are kept for laying may be fed 100% ChiX Start Meal up to the age of 3 weeks. From week 4 onwards, laying hens may be fed 80% ChiX Start Meal and 20% ChiX Laying Meal or ChiX Laying Pellet (according to the fancier’s wishes).

From week 13 onwards, a ratio of 50-50 can be given. As soon as the hens start laying (approximately between 17-18 weeks), a layer can be fed with 100% ChiX Laying Meal or ChiX Laying Pellet.

In week 4, any breeds kept as broilers can change to a ratio of 20% ChiX Start meal and 80% ChiX Growth Meal or ChiX Growth Pellet. Large fowl kept as broilers should be given ChiX Start Meal for a slightly shorter period. Large fowl, should be changed over to ChiX Growth Meal or ChiX Growth Pellet more quickly. This is to achieve slow but uniform growth. Slow growth = stronger and more robust animals.

Available in in 4kg and 20kg.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 19,5%, fat content 3,5%, crude ash 6%, crude fi bers 4%, Vit. A 10.000 IE/kg, Vit. D3 2.000 IE/kg, Vit. E 50 mg/kg