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DoviX Without Maize

Product information

  • As the name suggests, this varied mix for small and medium-sized breeds does not contain maize or sorghum.
  • For this reason, DoviX without maize is particularly suited to show pigeons with light-coloured eyelids and lightcoloured beaks.
  • Available in 20kg.


Dari, white flour, green peas, vetches, yellow millet, winterpeas, peeled oats, peeled barley, small yellow peas, paddy rice, cardi, white millet, hempseed, canary seed, rapeseed, black rapeseed

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 15,2%, crude fat 4,6%, Crude ash 2,4%, carbohydrates 60,15%, crude cellulose 5,3%, phosphorous 0,39%, calcium 0,08%, lysine 0,81%, methionine 0,22%