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GalliX Ornamental Start Meal

Product information

  • This is a finely structured meal.
  • The tasty composition ensures quick intake by chicks.
  • Even in case of chicks that have just emerged from the shell, a uniform feed intake is stimulated during the first few days.
  • It contains all the necessary building blocks to make a good start.
  • “GalliX Ornamental Start Meal” has a high protein percentage.
  • A balanced supply of amino acid patterns (lysine, methionine, etc.) ensures optimum use of protein sources.
  • Proteins are the building blocks for the muscles, the frame and of course, for a beautiful plumage for all your poultry.
  • The necessary vitamins, minerals and building blocks are perfectly balanced.
  • This start meal can be fed from day 1 to week 10.
  • Available in 20kg.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 22%, crude fat 4,2%, minerals 6%, crude cellulose 3%, Vit. A 10.000 IE/kg, Vit. D 2.000 IE/kg, Vit. E 50 mg/kg