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GalliX Ornamental Super Start

Product information

A high-quality and complete breeding feed suitable for all young poultry. GalliX Ornamental Super Start is a unique rearing feed with grains, seeds, egg cake, gammarus, daphnia and dried mealworms. The fine structure ensures easy intake. This protein-rich mixture including all the necessary vitamins and minerals provides the ideal start for chicks. The carefully selected raw materials and by-products guarantee balanced growth, a sturdy frame and a proper development of the feather quills (to obtain a beautiful plumage). GalliX Super Start is extremely well suited for chicks of exclusive ornamental fowl such as francolins, tragopans, peacocks, etc.

Available in 4kg.

Instructions for use

  • Feed this whenever required each day during the rearing period. From day 1 to week 11.
  • Always provide fresh drinking water.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 22,1%, crude fat 7,6%, minerals 4,8%, crude cellulose 3,4%, Vit. A 10.900 IE/kg, Vit. D 1.330 IE/kg, Vit. E 43 mg/kg