Deli Nature - Papegaaien

24 - Caatinga

Product information

  • Unique mixture especially formulated for the feeding of the Spix’s Macaw.
  • Ideal for smaller macaw species such as Yellow-Collared and Illiger’s.
  • Also perfect for larger Conures and other parrots and parakeets who require a heavier diet.
  • Available in 15kg.


Striped sunflower seed, white sunflowerseed, black sunflowerseed, safflower, buckwheat, oats, paddy rice, white sorghum, red sorghum, peeled oats, white millet, raisins, barley, peaflakes, carrot pieces, pumpkin kernels, hempseed, banana slices, cedar nuts, plain canary seed, puffed wheat, walnut pieces, puffed maize, peeled peanuts