Deli Nature - Papegaaien

57 - Macaws Excellent

Product information

  • Coarse mixture with 40% sunflower seeds, cedar nuts, pieces of walnut, raisins.
  • Ideal for parrots who may have a heavier feed e.g. macaws, Eclectus parrot, golden conure, Molucan cockatoos …
  • Enormous variety with more than 20 ingredients.
  • Without maize and without peanuts.
  • Available in 15kg.


White sunflower seeds, safflower, striped sunflower seeds, peeled oats, buckwheat, pumpkin seed, puffed wheat, puffed maize, paddy rice, cedar nuts, white millet, white dari, red sorgho, pieces of carrots, canary seed, raisins, pea flakes, pieces of walnuts, banana slices