Deli Nature - Papegaaien

Birdelicious Tropical Fruit

Product information

You want to give your bird the very best so that they do not lack anything and are in perfect condition. With Deli Nature Birdelicious, you can give your bird everything they deserve:

  • An extremely varied mixture, based on selected high-quality seeds and cereals.
  • With a large variety of fruit and extra enriched with nuts, Birdelicious Tropical Fruit is the ideal way to add variation into your parrot’s diet or as a snack.
  • Deli Nature Birdelicious guarantees extra energy and vitality.

Instructions for use

  • Provide an extra portion of Tropical Fruit and drinking water every day.
  • Provide Deli Nature Egg Food or Deli Nature Snacks 2 to 3 times a week as a snack.


Fruit (8% raisins, 7% dried banana, 3% dried rowan berries, 3% dried kiwi, 3% dried apple, 3% dried pineapple, 3% dried papaya, 3% dried rose hips, 1% dried juniper berries), cereals, seeds, nuts (2% shelled peanuts, 1% Brazil nuts, 1% hazelnuts, 1% walnut pieces, 1% cedar nuts) vegetables (1% chilli peppers)

Analytical constituents

10% crude protein, 16% crude oils and fats, 2% crude ash, 12% crude fibre, 0.06% calcium, 0.2% phosphorus, 0.01% sodium