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Insects Paté TOVO

Product information

  • Is a complete food for insect eating birds such as bluethroats, nightingales and wagtails and also all waders (avocet, oyster catcher, plovers etc).
  • The high amount and large variation in insects (e.g. dried mealworms, crickets, gammarus shrimp, daphnia) and the; 100% natural honey make this food unique in its sector.
  • It’s also an ideal food for bird species needing an extra amount of animal protein before and during the breeding season, such as British finches, tropical finches, parakeets, parrots and frugivorous birds.
  • Available in 500gr, 2kg and 6kg.


Bakery products, Molluscs and crustaceans, Insects, Various sugars, Oils and fats, Vegetable protein extracts, Yeast, Derivatives of vegetable origin

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 26%, Crude fat 15%, Crude ash 7%, Crude fibre 2,5%, Calcium 2%, Phosphorous 0,5%, Lysin 1,9%, Methionin 0,66%